Moon, Sun, planets, and stars

They play a large role in our lives moon rule with our emotions and Sun affect us on an intellectual level, planets affect different aspects of our being finances, sexual life, behavior. And stars together with Sun, moon, planets are like spider web infinite field which are connected with the core of our being. Every zodiac sign has a constellation and planet which most affect it and every sign has a direct link to it. Even if that seems unusual at first but the pattern of that constellation, Sun, planets, and moon movement is linked with a pattern of our DNA. We are magnificent beings and mother Eart is a beautiful home. We a must take care of ourselves and our planet because no one else will do that instead of us. We must admit that we do not know everything and be eager to expand our knowledge but our emotional side is important to it have a purpose to guide as through Intuition. We must not afraid of mistakes because they are part of the learning process. Energy cannot be wasted or generated it can be only transformed so we must use our energy-wise for the betterment of all. Today modern society is based on stealing the energy each from other. That is not righteous and that is the reason why most of us suffer. We are divided between the right brain hemisphere, Left brain hemisphere and central ones who balancing perfectly that is a source of imbalance and divided society. The central one peoples have activated Sushumna channel and the central point they have a most natural life. We are very powerful as beings but if we use our power to dominate over others and hurt them that create suffering. Another important thing that we recklessly use resources which mother nature provides for us and we pay price for that. Earth supposed to be heaven but we made a hell from it. Instead of Chaos, we can make it be the garden of love. The energy of Sun, moon planet and stars can be used for the betterment of all in the process of advancement because we are not victims of it or victims of our DNA. There should not be excuses for the mess we are doing right now in our lives and on Earth because there is space for each of us to be a better person. As we change us proportional to that our life changes and others around us. I agree that we must have some morality codex but it is not too bad if we sometimes lose it that have a fun side. Little things are the best one to enjoy because in many cases we can’t chew big. So enjoy this post and thank you for reading.


The Immortals

The ultimate goal which all humans strive for is immortality of physical body and eternal life but I must tell this we are already immortal our Spirit is indestructible and we do not need immortality of physical body to express our Divine nature. Body is under influence of constant change and time taking the price in that run. Truth is that we can live longer in our bodies if we repair our DNA and unlock its full potential but that is not enough the repair of our auric field is needed too.

Recently I found a few special and highly efficient Yoga poses from ancient Egypt religion which survived to this modern times. Led by Intuition I practically used the four basic poses and the result was that I free my spine and activate the Sushumna central channel in a very short time. That was the very intense period of transformation because in past I hurt my spine and suffer from sharp pains on the daily basis. Now I am healed and transformed in every way that simple and great Yoga helped me a lot. And I discovered two more postures for happiness and creativity-boosting and tapping into unlimited creativity.

I am talented in many areas of art but my creativity was limited I had blockages which led to the longer period of stagnation. Now I am finally free to express my self on every level.

My body is transformed together with entire being I do not strive for immortality because I am already an immortal only thing that I have faith that my impact on the world will be great and that my name will be written in time forever.

And dear reader I can tell, you are immortal too even if you don’t realize it yet one day if not in this life maybe in another you will realize and succeed in that task your name will be among great ones which left a huge impact on the world. Do not lose faith in your self because you are Divine by nature. If you can’t admit to your self I assure you that all life is Divine because of we all made from the same material as entire Universe. You are Universe in a small package and you have the power of entire Universe only thing you need to do is to unpack your soul to shine and lighten all beings in your life journey.

You are wonder and wonderer the light is contained inside of your being only you must do on your own to pass dark wally and bring it to the surface and then you will realize that you are immortal.


Do the best and universe will do the rest

Do your best..png

My artwork in photoshop with an ordinary optical mouse. The blue part with black text is worked with the right arm and orange with white text is worked with the left arm.

Moj umjetnički rad rađen u fotošopu sa optičkim mišem običnim. Plavi dio sa crnim tekstom je rađen desnom rukom i narandžasti dio sa bijelim tekstom je rađen lijevom rukom.

Phrase is mine.

Fraza je moja.


Life is like birthday cake

Birthday cake with burning candle number 29Composed of many ingredients which are essential for soul growth, sweet, bitter, salty, and more which are mixed together to made a perfect composition. We create these birthday cakes together and our life is perfection beyond any measure even if we cannot see it in full specter. Once our eyes are opened and synchronized with other senses the mastery is achieved. The sky is no limit when we walk on the clouds and climbing to the heights to face our weaknesses and fears, the true brilliance is when the soul is untied and rising like a phoenix bird from the ashes to the stars. When one story ends another begins to write and the soul is going from the flight to another flight. The miracle is within us our shine is hiding in a shadowy corner of ourselves. Like birthday cake with candles on the top, we must go from the bottom to reach the light on the end of big mountain bigger than the Himalayas.

We must become our unlimited edition the shiny trophy of Divine light to see the greatness in the darkness of our being to face and jump up from the earth to top of heavens and bring Divine light to shine upon the earth and lighting upon our ways. There is no greater victory than in defeating ourselves. Our journey never ends we back to the beginning again and again. When we celebrate our life like the birthday party and eat our cake we born again to celebrate another birthday.

Life is a book which never ends and the writer is more skilled as the story goes. In that book, we take the rule of many characters which wearing the beautiful masks on faces and covering itself with many costumes. There are some of us who are willing to go naked through life and that character is most shiny one. If we are not afraid to show our wounds and scarfs to others that is most glorious. The book is wild and one which is most natural enjoy the most in all chapters of it.

In the end, we have nothing to lose but ourselves and that is greatest lost which will give us everything we desire and need…………………………………………………………………………….story goes to infinity.


From the chaos to order and reversed

It seems that today world is in chaotic state that is true but look from this point of view. There are cycles in this universe most developed ancient civilizations were in the state of order but when they reach the highest level of development chaos takes a place big wars occur between them. Some of them left planet earth because they have advanced ships to travel into the universe and inhabit others planets in different galaxies. But rest stayed on earth and fight almost to extinction. Their weapons for war has highly developed that earth almost has destroyed.

On the modern satellite images of some specific places on planet earth are pieces of evidence of massive craters which are leftovers from nuclear explosions and wars of ancient civilizations.

Some of the ancients survive and when the wars finished earth has polluted with radiation and atmosphere badly was damaged, their DNA mutated and damages occur in DNA helix. Earth went through a dark age but somehow managed to recover together with the rest of living beings. We are leftovers of ancients and we carry their DNA. Currently, earth and all living beings going and progressing from chaos to order.

When humanity reaches an end of a cycle and maximum level of development and order, chaos will take place again and downfall.

If we want to better understand the nature than we must research the phenomenon of cycles and seasons because they are in a core of everything that exists.


Even greatest thinkers struggle with their own thoughts

Even greatest thinkers in history have troubles with controlling their thoughts they tend to overthink a lot and it’s taking the peace from them. In many cases, thoughts with negative impulses come into their mind and that thoughts swarms and new negative thoughts come. That can be very exhausting and it takes a lot of energy. Overthinking is good in some way the brain is like a muscle if it is under pressure then strengthening is the product of that process. But if it occurs too much then it weakens the health it overloads the system. The brain needs a rest and training equality. If we are lazy in thinking that causes weakening of brain power and strength

It is true that we are not what we think. Thinking is a process of mind which flaws constantly even if we are not thinking in the form of words during the sleep while we dream then we think in the visual form. We run the process of thinking just like the computer processor processes information and running programs.

Body is biological hardware and DNA is ultimate software but Consciousness is the main operator. Body and DNA are under the influence of change but Consciousness is unchangeable and infinite. Consciousness as operator giving commands for every process which is running in DNA and body. We are entire universe experiencing itself in limited editions like living beings.


Seven Elder wizard my artwork

Seven Elder Wizard

Last night I draw this from my imagination using ordinary pencil and paper for printers image quality is not on top level because it is photographed with the smartphone. It would be much better if the artwork is scanned with a high-resolution scanner. The name Seven Elder is given with reason to this artwork in one special dream which I dream before few years. In that dream, seven black ravens come to me with shiny red eyes and reveal some secrets after that I see big white number seven below it written word on English language Elder.


Život između života


U životu između života mi pišemo i programiramo novi scenario za novi život koji ćemo živjeti. Život je jedna velika kosmička igra svaki put kad se nađemo u među prostoru između dva života mi programiramo mini igru predstojeći život i iskustva koja ćemo proživjeti. Uklapamo se u scenarije koje su napisale druge duše za sebe i stvaramo sopstveni scenario i program koji ćemo izvršiti. Taj novi program koji smo isprogramirali kada se pokrene pri rođenju mi doživljavamo neku vrstu amnezije isto kao da smo napisali jednu priču pa je došla noć liježemo u krevet da je odsanjamo. Kada zaspimo naša svijest je umanjena na minimalnu razinu nismo svjesni da sanjamo, ali postoji mogućnost da se količina naše svjesnosti poveća pa postanemo svjesni da sanjamo. Tako je sa ovim životom u početku smo uspavani i nismo svjesni stvarnosti u kojoj živimo, ali ako doživimo buđenje svijesti postajemo svjesni da je ovaj život isprogramirana iluzorna stvarnost koju smo sami za sebe isprogramirali kao video igra koja ima free roam- Slobodnu kretnju ali također i scenario koji se mora odigrati.
Poruka: Mi smo programeri i pisci scenarija i realnosti koju proživljavamo, posmatrači i svjedoci njegovog odvijanja.



Proces stvaranja


Čovječe tvoje fizičko tijelo je oblikovano od praha koji se oslobodio od eksplozije umiruće zvijezde koja je bila snažna kao eksplozija milione nuklearnih bombi. Znaj da Stvoritelj nije dovršio stvaranje nego stvara i transformiše u svakom trenutku tako niti ti nisi stvoren nego si dio procesa stvaranja koji se odvija kroz vječnost imaš svoju ulogu u njemu kao sustvaralac prema tome si jednak sa svime što postoji i sa Izvorom stvaranja. Ne uzvisuj se niti iznad jednog stvorenja jer dovoljna je jednakost, jedino tako ćeš biti pošteđen od poniženja jer kako se Stvoritelj pridržaje Univerzalnih zakona u svome stvaranju tako oni vrijede i za tebe. Univerzalni zakoni nisu tu kao ograničenje nego su temelji na kojima funkcioniše univerzum kako bi bio savršen red. Možda ne vidiš red na planeti zemlji trenutno ali od kaosa postepeno nastaje red, pa kada dođe do zasićenja od reda nastaje ponovo kaos to su ciklusi.


Univerzalni kvantni računar


Mi živimo u holografskoj projekciji kvantnog računara neizmjerne moći koja ima više slojeva, pri programiranju korišten je matematički jezik i brojevi od 0 do 9. Trodimenzionalna stvarnost je isprogramirana kodovima od brojeva nula i jedan. Drugi viši slojevi realnosti su kodirani drugim brojevima svi slojevi realnosti funkcionišu simultano. Tko je izgradio kvantni računar i stvarnost u kojoj živimo skupina genija predvođena jednim genijem. Zašto su izgradili da bi iskusili projekciju prošlosti zar niste nikada čuli za poznatu rečenicu “Historija se ponavlja”. Skriveno značenje ove rečenice “Njegova priča se ponavlja”. Tako gledajte na vrijeme kao na krug kada dođe određena kritična tačka u budućnosti ponovo se vraćamo u prošlost na početak. Jeste li se ikada zapitali zašto je mehanički sat u obliku kruga i zašto kazaljke kruže što to znači simbolički znači da vrijeme nije linearno nego kružno sadašnji trenutak teče kružno. Osim toga sve u univerzumu kruži. Univerzalni kvantni računar je naštiman na automacki reset kada dosegne kritičnu tačku.