The two super potent cancer cures

cymbopogon citratus

I dream one special dream. In that dream little monster, something like microorganism called Vida chased me. Because it is very fast I can not escape it. I decided to outsmart that little monster and hide somewhere. Suddenly I see some strange grass in my garden and hide in that grass. Vida cannot see me in that grass. I went out to a little river near grass and hide in a small pipe. I found in that pipe little oval-shaped stone with 11:11 number on it. When I woke up from a dream I know it is synchronicity. A few hours after that my mother went from the city and she bought some plant seeds. I look the seed packages and to my surprise, I have seen in one seed package picture of same grass which I dreamed in my dream when little microorganism called Vida chased me. The name of grass is Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus). I did some research on the internet and get a conclusion that Lemongrass have antifungal properties and little microorganism called Vida from my dreams is some sort of fungus. I stop my research because I thought that dream is not important.

After that, many times the word totally unfamiliar to me popped up on the surface of my mind and repeat many times. That word is “Candida” before few months I found the reason why that’s happening to me. I started to communicate with one man on the Internet through e-mails. I have seen that man few times in my life. After a few days of communication, the one-morning word “Candida” pop up on the surface of my mind and repeat again. I check my e-mail inbox and new message come from my friend with a YouTube link “Sodium Bicarbonate against Cancer Dr. Simoncini”. I found the truth that fungus CANDIDA ALBICANS is in fact cancer. But more interesting that I found is that Essential Oil of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) have antifungal properties and kill fungus CANDIDA ALBICANS and can be mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate and used to cure cancer-Candida Albicans infection because both have alkaline chemical structure. This is the truth about cancer and two very super potent cures for it. By this post, I am sending the message to all researchers and scientists who looking for the cancer cure to do detail research of this two natural cancer cures.