Spirituality and economy

In this post, I will show you a direct connection between spirituality and the economy.

I solved mystery how Jesus feeds 5000 peoples with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. In fact, it is hidden knowledge in the Bible with great purpose of sharing goods between peoples and pure economy. It is an idea of the fair trade between peoples which is coded in Bible as secret.

We all know that everything worths equal but today modern society is constructed to create inequality in economics and all area of life.

This Bible secret is pure mathematics and take a look at this picture which is my discovery on the end is the result which can be easily used practically I will show you how it works.

Here is the picture with calculation:

Isus hrani 5000 ljudi sa pet kruhova

This is for example:

We will use the currency of Bosnia and Herzegowina 1 BAM

If you eat today a food in the value of 15 BAM than food will be converted into energy of your blood and you will be capable to earn 62,5 BAM how I get this result (15 : 0,4) : 0,6= 62,5 BAM

But one employe in company with the almost lowest payout in Bosnia and Herzegovina get 5 BAM for one meal in one day and get paid for one day of work 20,8333333333 BAM. (5 : 0,4) : 0,6 = 20,8333333333 BAM.

Another example in goods Bosnia and Herzegowina is known to have many Islamic peoples who eat cattle as food.

One bull which has 700 kg is worth 2916,6666666667 BAM

(700 : 0,4) : 0,6= 2916,6666666667 BAM but the current price is 4,5 BAM per kg and it is created to support unequal prices of goods which means that 700 x 4,5 = 3150 BAM it seems that you will earn some extra cash on one bull which weights 700 kg you can use it for share that extra money in humanitarian purposes I can assure you if you try to keep that extra money for yourself you will lose it without knowing why.

Inequality in goods prices and economics are created to divide humanity to rule easily and create many conflicts it is created for the purpose of slavery of a bigger part of humanity and used by some greedy Individuals and their groups.