The Immortals

The ultimate goal which all humans strive for is immortality of physical body and eternal life but I must tell this we are already immortal our Spirit is indestructible and we do not need immortality of physical body to express our Divine nature. Body is under influence of constant change and time taking the price in that run. Truth is that we can live longer in our bodies if we repair our DNA and unlock its full potential but that is not enough the repair of our auric field is needed too.

Recently I found a few special and highly efficient Yoga poses from ancient Egypt religion which survived to this modern times. Led by Intuition I practically used the four basic poses and the result was that I free my spine and activate the Sushumna central channel in a very short time. That was the very intense period of transformation because in past I hurt my spine and suffer from sharp pains on the daily basis. Now I am healed and transformed in every way that simple and great Yoga helped me a lot. And I discovered two more postures for happiness and creativity-boosting and tapping into unlimited creativity.

I am talented in many areas of art but my creativity was limited I had blockages which led to the longer period of stagnation. Now I am finally free to express my self on every level.

My body is transformed together with entire being I do not strive for immortality because I am already an immortal only thing that I have faith that my impact on the world will be great and that my name will be written in time forever.

And dear reader I can tell, you are immortal too even if you don’t realize it yet one day if not in this life maybe in another you will realize and succeed in that task your name will be among great ones which left a huge impact on the world. Do not lose faith in your self because you are Divine by nature. If you can’t admit to your self I assure you that all life is Divine because of we all made from the same material as entire Universe. You are Universe in a small package and you have the power of entire Universe only thing you need to do is to unpack your soul to shine and lighten all beings in your life journey.

You are wonder and wonderer the light is contained inside of your being only you must do on your own to pass dark wally and bring it to the surface and then you will realize that you are immortal.


The symbolic meaning of myth’s

Myths have foundations, in reality, their language is symbolic. We must interpret them to reveal hidden knowledge and wisdom. Myths are not fiction they represent the truth in a special way. If we analyze the mythical beings and the stories about them and compare with ourselves similarities are obvious. Gods, Goddesses and other mythical beings lived once upon the time on planet earth they lived in advanced civilizations. They are star beings which come from other galaxies and populated planet earth but their DNA was unlocked they live with the full potential of their genes. They were super intelligent and evolved beings and guess what we carry their genes we are small versions of them.

Big war of ancient civilizations occur and advanced technology for war is used. Planet earth and all beings suffer from serious damage. The small number of beings survive and their DNA was damaged by radiation.

We carry the genes from that star beings but our DNA is locked and we can not use the full potential of it. As evolution progresses our DNA automatically repairs and step by step unlocks again. It is the matter of time when our DNA helix will be repaired and we will operate in full potential as beings. The part of genes which genetics scientists called junk are our unused and locked potential. Our life span will increase and we will be superintelligent and super capable again and that will lead to the development of sophisticated and advanced technologies. That kind of technology will be a useful tool in the progress of our evolution.

A big help is coming from universe to planet earth and all living beings of it. A massive wave of transformative energy coming from the core of our galaxy that energy is healing in its nature it will cause the massive awakening of humanity. This is the quantum leap in our evolution.

This fact is revealed to me in one special dream and on the end I can say that is 100% sure that this energy is already traveling to our solar system in direction of planet earth. Nobody can predict the exact time when it will come to us.


From the chaos to order and reversed

It seems that today world is in chaotic state that is true but look from this point of view. There are cycles in this universe most developed ancient civilizations were in the state of order but when they reach the highest level of development chaos takes a place big wars occur between them. Some of them left planet earth because they have advanced ships to travel into the universe and inhabit others planets in different galaxies. But rest stayed on earth and fight almost to extinction. Their weapons for war has highly developed that earth almost has destroyed.

On the modern satellite images of some specific places on planet earth are pieces of evidence of massive craters which are leftovers from nuclear explosions and wars of ancient civilizations.

Some of the ancients survive and when the wars finished earth has polluted with radiation and atmosphere badly was damaged, their DNA mutated and damages occur in DNA helix. Earth went through a dark age but somehow managed to recover together with the rest of living beings. We are leftovers of ancients and we carry their DNA. Currently, earth and all living beings going and progressing from chaos to order.

When humanity reaches an end of a cycle and maximum level of development and order, chaos will take place again and downfall.

If we want to better understand the nature than we must research the phenomenon of cycles and seasons because they are in a core of everything that exists.


Changing perception and body chemistry

If we change our perception we change whole body chemistry but reversed is also correct. If we change the chemistry of body we change our perception and this can be accomplished by eating healthy foods and drinking clean water. It has the effect on our brain and the way of perceiving the reality. Our emotions and thoughts will be on much higher and vibrant level.

Same goes if we started with the way of how we perceive reality. Every thought and emotion directly affects the chemistry in our body. When our thoughts about something changes that trigger different emotions and emotion (Energy motion) affecting body functions and whole chemistry in it.

These two ways of functioning are in direct connection.

This is the reason why food and drinks of today modern society are full of chemistry and poisons. When our body is poisoned and full of dangerous chemistry our brain cant perceive the higher realities it is limited only to material level and our power is taken from us we are drowning in illusions. The fuel which we put inside our body in form of foods and drinks is poor quality and the engine cant run in full capacity smoothly. When our system is on low frequency our consciousness is sedated and in deep sleep, in that case, we are the easy target for manipulation.  But not only the food and drinks are affecting body chemistry and changing the perception, other synthetic substances, and modern pharmaceutical medicaments also cause more damage than help us. It is known that synthetic drugs can cause hallucinations because of that substances change perception when they affect brain through blood. That substance overstimulates glands and changing the level of hormones and other important elements in the body which cause unbalance and halucinations.

We can start from above and from below to meet the middle and change perception and body chemistry use the way you prefer to get results and change your life.


Spread love and Light

We often think and act small reason is that we do not know our real value and creative potential. Limiting beliefs and image which we hold related to our self, represent main obstacles. Our wings are tied and we cannot fly freely and reach the full potential of ourselves. Instead of belief in ourselves, we must meet the truth and know the core of our beings. Full capacity of our being is possible to reach but we must fearlessly explore the depts of our souls and heights of spirit.

The world can be like paradise if we first find paradise in ourselves. State in the world is the reflection of the collective consciousness of humanity. We must begin within ourselves. Shifting our awareness we shift collective consciousness on the higher vibrational level. Changing the paradigms we change the collective consciousness. Like individuals, we can change little things but joined together we can do anything and change the face of the earth to bring true shine of it.

After all, we are brothers and sisters and our goal must be to help each other and to spread love and light which are seated in our beings, many of us suppressing the light and the cause of that is soul clouded by darkness. Darkness cannot be held forever in our souls it finds cracks to leak and reflects in outside world. That is the process of cleansing. To remove barriers which hold love and light to spread we must work on ourselves to bring balance on every level of our beings.



Express yourself

Newborn life.jpg

If we bury up our emotions deep inside us we become like a graveyard our light can not shine from our heart it is trapped inside and our external life becomes a reflection of that dark state. It is important to express feelings, thoughts and personal truths in a unique way absolutely free with a free flaw. Because if we try to stop our emotions they will accumulate and cause a destructive flood. It is important to share the truth with the world even if some of the people will judge. I tell you the reason they do not have enough understanding to adopt it. Humanity is large and you can be sure that what you share on a global level will find the way to peoples who need to know that.

If you do not express yourself that have the big cost which you will pay. That will cause an imbalance in emotional, mental and even physical level.

But have this always on the mind do it in the creative, gentle and constructive way in a good manner do not be mean and harm others.

For every thought,  word, and deed you will receive a paycheck based on causes they have.

We have free will but if we misusing it our actions have negative consequences. We are our own judges and saviors our actions will judge us or save us. Do not wait, somebody, else to save you because nobody else can do that for you. Ultimate savior or judge is in you and you are a creator of your destiny because destiny is not written in some book it is changeable everything in the universe is in constant change.

Metamorphosis is in nature of everything in one point old must die to make space for new to born and that happening with humans old stagnant energies and emotions release and we born again on emotional level infused with fresh and new energies. So what is resurrection it is newborn on all levels when Son of God or our younger self (Inner self) ascending and merging with Holy Father our older Older Self (Higher self). And we become fully awakened.





Život između života


U životu između života mi pišemo i programiramo novi scenario za novi život koji ćemo živjeti. Život je jedna velika kosmička igra svaki put kad se nađemo u među prostoru između dva života mi programiramo mini igru predstojeći život i iskustva koja ćemo proživjeti. Uklapamo se u scenarije koje su napisale druge duše za sebe i stvaramo sopstveni scenario i program koji ćemo izvršiti. Taj novi program koji smo isprogramirali kada se pokrene pri rođenju mi doživljavamo neku vrstu amnezije isto kao da smo napisali jednu priču pa je došla noć liježemo u krevet da je odsanjamo. Kada zaspimo naša svijest je umanjena na minimalnu razinu nismo svjesni da sanjamo, ali postoji mogućnost da se količina naše svjesnosti poveća pa postanemo svjesni da sanjamo. Tako je sa ovim životom u početku smo uspavani i nismo svjesni stvarnosti u kojoj živimo, ali ako doživimo buđenje svijesti postajemo svjesni da je ovaj život isprogramirana iluzorna stvarnost koju smo sami za sebe isprogramirali kao video igra koja ima free roam- Slobodnu kretnju ali također i scenario koji se mora odigrati.
Poruka: Mi smo programeri i pisci scenarija i realnosti koju proživljavamo, posmatrači i svjedoci njegovog odvijanja.



Budi vjetar, voda, zemlja, vatra i Svjetlo


Kada su u pitanju životni izbori i odluke budi kao vjetar znaj da ništa ne može zapriječiti tvoj put prema uspijehu ukoliko ustraješ. Imaš uvijek pravo izbora i možeš promijeniti smijer kretanja slobodno, promjene su dobrodošle jer sloboda zahtijeva stalni pokret i akciju kao što je vjetar stalno u akciji pred njim nema zapreka jer njegova snaga je u kretnji. Znaj da se pred tobom nalazi beskrajno polje mogućnosti kroz koje imaš slobodu da se krećeš i mijenjaš smijerove. Uspori budi kao lahor kada je u pitanju uživanje u pozitivnim životnim iskustvima doživi puninu lijepe strane života. Kada se pred tobom nalaze zapreke poruši ih kao snažni vihor ništa te ne može zaustaviti u namjeri u koliko vjeruješ u sebe.

Slika elementa zraka.


Budi kao voda koja nezaustavljivo teče tako i ti teci prema ostvarenju svojih želja i ciljeva imaš pravo da mijenjaš svoje pravce ali zadrži konačni cilj jer voda uvjek u konačnici stiže do mora bez obzira kojom brzinom tekla. Neka tvoj um bude miran kao što voda miruje u posudi i imaj prilagodljivo i fleksibilno razmišljanje kao što se voda prilagođava posudi u koju se naspe. Podivljaj kao voda i progutaj sve što te priječi da živiš život svojih snova. Neka ti srce bude otvoreno za ljubav kao nepregledna pučina oceana koja sja svojim magičnim sjajem. Voda je izvor života dopusti da iz tebe izvire ljubav i napaja svako živo biće sa kojim dolaziš u susret. Kao što voda izvire iz dubina zemlje neka iz dubina tebe izvire samo ono najbolje što možeš ponuditi i dati svijetu. Kao vodopad što se obrušava sa litice i ti napravi skok vjere koji ti treba kada se nalaziš u teškim situacijama.

Slika elemenat voda.


Kao zemlja budi plodonosan u svom životu i radu. Zemlja drži teret čovječanstva na svojoj koži i leđima čvrsto tako i ti pomozi ponijeti teret koji nose druga živa bića koja pate. Kao stijena budi čvrst u odlukama znaj da si neuništiv jer stijena i ako se razbije na komade ona i dalje ostaje stijena samo je umnožena tako će se tvoja snaga umnožiti poslije pucanja i neuspijeha kojeg u životu proživiš. Stijenje koje se obruši ima moć da uništi sve što se nađe na njegovom putu tako i ti uništi probleme koji se nađu u tvom životu. Zemlja je hrana za sjemena raznih biljki one niču i rastu. Tvoj um je kao zemlja uvjerenja su sjeme ako zasadiš pozitivna uvjerenja i budeš ih hranio čvrstom vjerom ona će izrasti kao biljke koja će donijeti razne plodove u tvom životu.

Slika elemenat zemlja.


Budi kao vatra tople duše koja zrači ljubavlju i pozitivnom energijom neka tvoja ljubav prema životu i živim bićima spaljuje negativnost i pretvara u prah. Kao požar koji je neugasiv neka tvoja želja koju imaš u sebi raste dok ne postane realnost. Možda su ti rekli da su želje izvor patnje ali iz želje nastade i ti kao što vatra može prouzročiti bol tako i loša želja može prouzročiti bol ali ako u tvom srcu gori ljubav i tvoje želje će biti pozitivne. Osmijeh srca u kojem gori vatra ljubavi je odraz nevinosti i čistoće. Možda se plašiš moći koju vatra ima kao što se plašiš sopstvene moći i tako gasiš požar na taj način samo ostaje dim. Ako dozvoliš da budeš što jesi biti ćeš poput vatre sjajan u svojim riječima i djelima.

Slika elemenat vatra.


Budi Svjetlo jer zaista to i jesi, zraka koja izvire sa Srca Božanskog, obasjavaj ovaj svijet koji je pun tame i patnje, prosvjetli one koji su u ne znanju i tami kako bi u konačnici svi zablistali punim sjajem Božanskog Svjetla i Ljubavi.

Slika elemenat Svjetlo.