Green Scarab beetle

Artwork which I did with left and right hand both used equally. The motif is Eternity and green Scarab beetle which I see very frequently almost on daily basis, yesterday one of this beetles was landing on my finger of hand but I interrupt it. In these days I went through a transformation on every level and at the night of 19 July the day before my birthday I dream large ring with a diamond on the top. Tomorrow I saw on one commercial of German tv channel big green diamond that was synchronicity. So enjoy it.


Surrender to the life

I am grown up when I become an innocent child again.  All masks fall down and true shine of my face come in front. I am no longer afraid of anything and I am expressing myself authenticly. I am flying on the wings of freedom which are unbreakable nobody and nothing can chain me again to take freedom and tame light of my soul.

I take my power back and responsibility for living true Divine life. For thousands of years, I was the prisoner of the matrix and now that is changed matrix work in my favor. Battle spears are broken and peace is the final product. Neo wins the battle when he surrenders to agents and trilobites takes him like a winner.

I decided to not fight or defend from life and only and the best option was to surrender. The Spirit of life is giant and can crush anybody with one footstep if we surrender it will take us on its back to the wonderful journey.

David wins goliath with the shoot of sling but he remains to fight with armies to the end of his life and he has not found peace till death.

I lead the great fight and in many cases, I end up defending myself from life until one point in my life when my strength left me and I have no other choice than surrender to life. That moment the life release me from the grip of illusion and show me its true face.

I born again and my being is renewed with fresh energies.


Život između života


U životu između života mi pišemo i programiramo novi scenario za novi život koji ćemo živjeti. Život je jedna velika kosmička igra svaki put kad se nađemo u među prostoru između dva života mi programiramo mini igru predstojeći život i iskustva koja ćemo proživjeti. Uklapamo se u scenarije koje su napisale druge duše za sebe i stvaramo sopstveni scenario i program koji ćemo izvršiti. Taj novi program koji smo isprogramirali kada se pokrene pri rođenju mi doživljavamo neku vrstu amnezije isto kao da smo napisali jednu priču pa je došla noć liježemo u krevet da je odsanjamo. Kada zaspimo naša svijest je umanjena na minimalnu razinu nismo svjesni da sanjamo, ali postoji mogućnost da se količina naše svjesnosti poveća pa postanemo svjesni da sanjamo. Tako je sa ovim životom u početku smo uspavani i nismo svjesni stvarnosti u kojoj živimo, ali ako doživimo buđenje svijesti postajemo svjesni da je ovaj život isprogramirana iluzorna stvarnost koju smo sami za sebe isprogramirali kao video igra koja ima free roam- Slobodnu kretnju ali također i scenario koji se mora odigrati.
Poruka: Mi smo programeri i pisci scenarija i realnosti koju proživljavamo, posmatrači i svjedoci njegovog odvijanja.


Process of awakening – Proces buđenja

20171224_100157When your soul matures enough you will expiriennce process of awakening it is birth of divine life in you.


Kad tvoja duša sazrije dovoljno iskusiti ćeš proces buđenja to je rađanje božanskog života u tebi.

Prevod poruke sa slike:

Biti budan znači uzdići se iz pepela iluzije i obući vatreno perje kao ptica feniks da bi sjao svoje svjetlo u punom sjaju.


Spiritual awakening – Duhovno buđenje


English translation:

Every experience we gain in life is of great value because it teaches us something it can be painfully physical and emotional, but the stumbling stone most often becomes a building stone that strengthens our walls which build us. What comes and gives us pleasure, what we enjoy is a reward, and a lot of positive things can stimulate positive feelings in us. Permanent happiness does not exist as a state, but if we open the door of our heart, it can bring ever greater amounts of happiness so that feeling of happiness can be the one that dominates in us.

Emotions should be let go to flow free, because if we try to stop them and suppress them, they will eventually cause a great flood. We can not force ourselves to feel happy, it will cause a counter effect, but we can do a lot on our personality to feel the least feelings of restlessness or other unpleasant feelings.

Since our soul is an infinite book, the knowledge and wisdom written in it can be used to write new pages with magnificent and wonderful content to transform them into a life that we live and apply it to our well-being. Once we realize that we are the power that creates and we can change the rules of the game, it opens up endless possibilities.

By reading these religious people will wonder where God is in this game or that this is blasphemy I will only repeat what has been known in the heart of every being is God, and the heart of every being is God, which means that creator and creation cannot be separated they are one. When I say that all of us who have not experienced the ecstasy of unity and interconnection will not fully understand the fact that the universe is the endless ocean of energy, and in the oceans, there are no separate droplets, all is unity and oneness. What makes the illusion of separation are our limited senses and ego that must be transcended so that we can experience reality and truth in fullness.

Nowadays we are witnessing the emergence of a massive awakening of consciousness in a large number of people this process will take place more and more, more and more will experience awakening and become self-actualized beings. No one will be able to deprive them of their freedom, they will discover in that process that they are the source of power and the creators of life.

The veil of illusion will be burnt in front of them for the first time reality will be revealed. This is not a simple process much unpleasantness and strange phenomena occur, but as the energy of the beings balances so divine glow and beauty take place. As the flower of life begins to bloom in us, and we begin to live the divine life, the smell of the bliss of our being is sensed by all the people who come into contact with us. The truth in us it waiting for us to open the door of our being in order to realize its self in our lives. Many of us are eager to know, and are not aware of the fact that knowledge comes through us in this world, which is the reflection and the mirror we are reflecting on.

Therefore I would recommend to all who seek the truth to look for it in itself because the light of truth is in every being we are as the sun rays, we are one light coming from one source. I know that there is a great future ahead of us but we do not have to worry so much about the future what is most precious is the present moment as it flows from it creates the past and the actions we make reflect on the future as a reaction. I once wrote a question related to time. Is the past present and future a string so close that closer cannot be? To that question many have answered, and the simplest answer is that there is only the present moment contained in the vibration of the number zero because if we look at the scale of numbers from – infinitely to + infinite zero is in the middle so we can look at time from the past and the future the present is always in the middle. If we take for example the sign of infinity and put a point in the middle, this point in the middle represents zero state and the present moment in which everything is created in which process of creation and life takes place. It is obvious that time which many people are perceived is measured by the motion if we not paying so much attention to measuring time and fitting in the movement around us time would not be so significantly quickly we will lose the sense of time.

The creators of calendar and timing devices have thus designed a system that makes society and individuals easier to organize to be always preoccupied with the activities. So many of us are in the constant movement seem to have not the time we rush to do something, and we become the slaves of the time more accurately slaves of illusions. Even if I am with awakened consciousness, I have to look again at the clock while writing this to see how much time it is to go to sleep to get up early for work obligations tomorrow. I am no longer a slave of time because I know that my consciousness is awakened for eternity I have nowhere to hurry I will fulfill all that I have been born to do in this world and living in this body. I do not have time as I have nothing else in life all flowing by its own course it comes and goes. Buddha said “The problem is that you think you have time” I’ll add you can not have it maybe the ego says you have it it is just a lie as time is not real but illusory by nature. If you say you have time then you said that you have zero, and zero is nothing.

Perhaps this symbol that I drew looks dark, it actually represents the fusion of darkness and light. The Deadhead represents death and the darkness from which we are dying and illusion which dies in us, fire burns all the old energies and karma, cobras are the basic energy of the universe known as Kundalini which rises through our being to give us a new divine life and take us on the wings of freedom to eternity.


Orginalan tekst na Hrvatskom:

Svako iskustvo koje stječemo u životu je od velike vrijednosti jer nas uči nečemu ono može biti bolno fizički i emocionalno ali kamen o koji se spotaknemo najčešće postaje gradivni kamen koji osnažuje naše zidove od koji smo sazdani. Ono što dođe i predstavlja nam zadovoljstvo, ono u čemu uživamo je nagrada , a mnogo je toga pozitivnog što može potaknuti pozitivne osjećaje u nama. Trajna sreća ne postoji kao stanje ali ako otvorimo vrata svoga srca iz njega mogu poteći sve veće količine sreće tako osjećaj sreće može biti taj koji prevladava u nama.

Emocije treba pustiti da teku svojim tokom jer ako ih pokušavamo zaustaviti i potisnuti one će na kraju izazvati veliku poplavu. Ne možemo sami sebe prisiliti da se osjećamo sretno to će izazvati kontra efekat ali možemo dosta toga uraditi na sebi kako bi što manje osjećali nemir ili ostale neugodne osjećaje.

Pošto je naša duša beskrajna knjiga  znanje i mudrost zapisano u njoj možemo iskoristiti kako bi napisali nove stranice sa veličanstvenim i predivnim sadržajem pretočiti ih u život koji živimo i praktički primjeniti na svoju dobrobit. Jednom kada spoznamo da smo mi moć koja kreira i koja može mijenjati pravila igre otvara se beskraj mogućnosti.

Čitajući ovo religiozni ljudi će pomisliti gdje je tu Bog u ovoj igri ili da bogohulim ja ću samo ponoviti ono što je od prije poznato u srcu svakog bića je Bog, a srce svakog bića je Bog što znači da kreator i kreacija ne mogu biti razdvojeni nego su jedno. Kada kažem da smo svi jedno oni koji nisu iskusili ekstazu jedinstva i međusobne povezanosti neće u potpunosti razumiti činjenica je da je univerzum beskrajni okean energije, a u okeanu ne postoje odvojene kapljice sve je jedinstvo i cjelina. Ono što čini iluziju odvojenosti su naša ograničena čula i ego koji se moraju transcendirati da bi se mogla iskusiti realnost i istina u punini.

U današnje doba svjedoci smo pojave masovnog buđenja svijesti kod velikog broja ljudi taj proces će se odvijati sve brže, sve više i više nas će iskusiti buđenje i postati će samorealizovana bića. Nitko im neće moći oduzeti slobodu otkriti će u tom procesu da su izvor moći i kokreatori života.

Veo iluzije će biti pocijepan pred njima po prvi put realnost će biti otkrivena. To nije jednostavan proces mnogo je neugodnosti i čudnih pojava ali kako se energija bića balansira tako sve poprima božanski sjaj i ljepotu. Kako cvijet života počinje u nama da cvjeta i mi počinjemo živjeti božanskim životom, miris blaženstva našeg bića opija sve ljude sa kojima dolazimo u kontakt. Istina u nama čeka da otvorimo vrata našeg bića kako bi se realizovala u našem životu. Mnogi od nas su željni znanja, a nisu svjesni činjenice da znanje dolazi kroz nas u ovaj svijet koji je reflekcija i ogledalo u kojem se ogledamo.

Zato bi preporučio svima koji traže istinu potražite je u sebi  jer svjetlo istine je u svakom biću mi smo kao sunčeve zrake činimo jedno svjetlo koje dolazi sa jednog izvora. Ja znam da je pred nama svima velika budućnost ali ne treba da se brinemo toliko o budućnosti ono što je najdragocjenije je sadašnji trenutak kako on teče iz njega nastaje prošlost , a akcije koje činimo odražavaju se na budućnost kao reakcije.  Jednom sam napisao jedno pitanje koje je vezano za vrijeme. Da li su prošlost sadašnjost i budućnost jedna nit tako blizu da bliže ne mogu biti? Na to pitanje mnogi su dali odgovor, a najjednostavniji odgovor je da postoji samo sadašnji trenutak sadržan je u vibraciji broja nula jer ako pogledamo skalu brojeva od  – beskonačno do +beskonačno nula je u sredini  tako možemo gledati na vrijeme od prošlosti i budućnosti sadašnjost je uvijek u sredini. Ako uzmemo za primjer znak beskonačnosti i stavimo tačku u sredinu njega ta tačka u sredini predstavlja nulto stanje i sadašnji trenutak u kojem se sve kreira u kojem se proces kreacije i života odvija. Očigledno je da vrijeme kakvog mnogi ljudi percepiraju se mjeri po kretanju da ne obraćamo toliko pažnju na mjerenje vremena i uklapanje u kretnju oko nas vrijeme nam ne bi bilo značajno brzo bi izgubili pojam vremena.

Stvoritelji kalendara i sprava za mjerenja vremena su tako osmislili sistem da se društvo i pojedinci lakše organizuju kako bi uvijek bili preokupirani aktivnostima. Pa se mnogima od nas koji smo u stalnom pokretu čini da imamo malo vremena da trebamo žuriti kako bi nešto obavili pa zbog velike preopterećenosti postajemo robovi vremena točnije robovi iluzije. Ako sam budne svijesti opet moram pogledati na sat dok ovo pišem kako bi vidio koliko je sati  da legnem spavati kako bi sutra ustao rano zbog radnih obaveza. Meni vrijeme nije više robstvo jer znam da je moja svijest probuđena za vječnost nemam kud žuriti ispuniti ću sve zbog čega sam se rodio da živim na ovom svijetu i ovom tijelu. Ja nemam vrijeme kao što nemam ništa drugo u životu sve teče svojim tokom dolazi i odlazi. Buda je rekao „Problem je što misliš da imaš vrijeme“ ja ću nadodati ne možeš ga imati možda ti ego govori da ga imaš to je samo laž kao što i vrijeme nije stvarno nego je iluzorne prirode. Ako kažeš da imaš vrijeme onda si kazao da imaš nulu, a nula je ništa.

Možda ovaj simbol kojeg sam nacrtao izgleda mračno, on zapravo predstavlja fuziju tame i svjetla. Mrtvačka glava predstavlja smrt i tamu iz koje se budimo umiranje iluzije u nama vatra sagorijeva sve stare energije i karmu, kobre su bazična energija univerzuma poznata kao kundalini koja se uzdiže kroz naše biće kako bi nam podarila novi božanski život i na krilima slobode uznijela nas u vječnost.