Moon, Sun, planets, and stars

They play a large role in our lives moon rule with our emotions and Sun affect us on an intellectual level, planets affect different aspects of our being finances, sexual life, behavior. And stars together with Sun, moon, planets are like spider web infinite field which are connected with the core of our being. Every zodiac sign has a constellation and planet which most affect it and every sign has a direct link to it. Even if that seems unusual at first but the pattern of that constellation, Sun, planets, and moon movement is linked with a pattern of our DNA. We are magnificent beings and mother Eart is a beautiful home. We a must take care of ourselves and our planet because no one else will do that instead of us. We must admit that we do not know everything and be eager to expand our knowledge but our emotional side is important to it have a purpose to guide as through Intuition. We must not afraid of mistakes because they are part of the learning process. Energy cannot be wasted or generated it can be only transformed so we must use our energy-wise for the betterment of all. Today modern society is based on stealing the energy each from other. That is not righteous and that is the reason why most of us suffer. We are divided between the right brain hemisphere, Left brain hemisphere and central ones who balancing perfectly that is a source of imbalance and divided society. The central one peoples have activated Sushumna channel and the central point they have a most natural life. We are very powerful as beings but if we use our power to dominate over others and hurt them that create suffering. Another important thing that we recklessly use resources which mother nature provides for us and we pay price for that. Earth supposed to be heaven but we made a hell from it. Instead of Chaos, we can make it be the garden of love. The energy of Sun, moon planet and stars can be used for the betterment of all in the process of advancement because we are not victims of it or victims of our DNA. There should not be excuses for the mess we are doing right now in our lives and on Earth because there is space for each of us to be a better person. As we change us proportional to that our life changes and others around us. I agree that we must have some morality codex but it is not too bad if we sometimes lose it that have a fun side. Little things are the best one to enjoy because in many cases we can’t chew big. So enjoy this post and thank you for reading.

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