Life is like birthday cake

Birthday cake with burning candle number 29Composed of many ingredients which are essential for soul growth, sweet, bitter, salty, and more which are mixed together to made a perfect composition. We create these birthday cakes together and our life is perfection beyond any measure even if we cannot see it in full specter. Once our eyes are opened and synchronized with other senses the mastery is achieved. The sky is no limit when we walk on the clouds and climbing to the heights to face our weaknesses and fears, the true brilliance is when the soul is untied and rising like a phoenix bird from the ashes to the stars. When one story ends another begins to write and the soul is going from the flight to another flight. The miracle is within us our shine is hiding in a shadowy corner of ourselves. Like birthday cake with candles on the top, we must go from the bottom to reach the light on the end of big mountain bigger than the Himalayas.

We must become our unlimited edition the shiny trophy of Divine light to see the greatness in the darkness of our being to face and jump up from the earth to top of heavens and bring Divine light to shine upon the earth and lighting upon our ways. There is no greater victory than in defeating ourselves. Our journey never ends we back to the beginning again and again. When we celebrate our life like the birthday party and eat our cake we born again to celebrate another birthday.

Life is a book which never ends and the writer is more skilled as the story goes. In that book, we take the rule of many characters which wearing the beautiful masks on faces and covering itself with many costumes. There are some of us who are willing to go naked through life and that character is most shiny one. If we are not afraid to show our wounds and scarfs to others that is most glorious. The book is wild and one which is most natural enjoy the most in all chapters of it.

In the end, we have nothing to lose but ourselves and that is greatest lost which will give us everything we desire and need…………………………………………………………………………….story goes to infinity.

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