Prophet Elijah Sandalphon-Monad-Lunatic


In ancient language, the moon is called sandal and Prophet Elijah was Sandalphon or in modern term Lunatic. That is not insulting but reveals important facts Sandalphon or Lunatic is the angel in the human body which is ruled by the moon (Sandal, Luna, Monad). It is in direct connection with Elder Self (Higher self) spiritual realms and angels. Lunatic is guided by strong intuition have sharp six sense, psychic and spiritual gifts and powers. Sanalphons have important missions on planet earth and they incarnated from higher dimensions of existence in the material level to help humanity in periods of crisis. They are highly evolved souls with the excellent understanding of spirituality and metaphysics they hold precious knowledge in their souls. The Energy of Sandalphon is seated in thirteenth chakra or monad chakra (Crescent moon and Sun).


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